Saturday , 17 February 2018
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Access Capital One Retailer Services Online Account To Manage Your Transactions

Capital One is an American company which is a holder of number of banks and offers services such as credit cards, loans, automobile loans, savings account, banking account and services and many more. this company has its status as the fourth largest of its type in the country. The company started an agreement with the United States Postal Service where both the parties mutually agreed that Capital One will send bulk mails to its customers using the services of USPS whereas USPS will offer discount rates for the transport of these mails.


Capital One offers its customers the ability to get online services which can be used by its customers for the management of transactions. You can get these services as follows:

  • Visit the official web page where this company offers its customers the ability to login to their customer care account that is
  • Enter your account number and postal code in the space bars that are provided on this page. Note that the postal code must consist of 5 digits.
  • The account number to be entered in first space bar must not contain any hashes, spaces or symbols between the digits/ alphabetical letters.
  • Click the “Submit” button after entering this information to visit the online portal of customer care.
  • Using this account, you will be able to pay your bills online, view the account statements, receive email and text message notifications regarding these services, check your balance and view the history of transactions made during the past period of time.

You can also view different questions asked by the users by visiting “General account questions” link on lower right side of the page.