Saturday , 20 January 2018
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Access California State Board Of Equalization For IT Jobs

California State Board of Equalization is a Californian organization which is responsible for making the tax assessment system uniform and equal all over the state. These taxes are used to support educational programs, health care programs, welfare programs etc. it also ensures to allocate budget for the police and courts to enforce laws and provide justice to everyone in the state. The organization provides an online access of its annual performance report and audit to everyone. It also shows charts to give people a view of their performance over the years. You can also make payments using this website or have a look at tax and fees structures offered by the Government of California. This website also provides a number of online services such as registration or requesting relief online.


You can also apply for jobs on this online portal. To apply for IT jobs, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Under the title “Jobs at board of equalization”, find the link “IT careers” and click here.
  3. The leading link has a title “Information Technology Careers” and has a list of reasons to apply in this department for job. Click the link “Current IT Vacancies” to continue.
  4. To be eligible for applying here, take the qualifying exam first and submit its results online.

To ask for any help regarding the job application process, visit the official website and call the organization officials using contact information given there. You can also file a return for your money using this website or get help from law firm.