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Access ACE To Get ACE Rewards Cards

ACE Hardware Corporation was founded by Richard Hesse, Frank Burke, Gunnard and Oscar Fisher in 1924. It’s headquarter is in Oak Brook and Illinois. According to survey of 2011 there are more than forty four hundred ACE stores around United States. ACE basically deals with all types of hardware and homeware products to renovate homes.


ACE Rewards Program is launched by ACE Hardware in order to measure customer’s level of satisfaction. By using your ACE Card you can earn various reward points. At the time of shopping you must have to ask for ACE Reward card. Once you have ACE Rewards Card you will become able to earn 1000 points on your every purchase and every dollar you spend at ACE Hardware. Therefore you have to subscribe with ACE and enjoy a wonderful shopping experience. You can win a reward of worth $5 only if you will collect 2500 points. Enjoy shopping at ACE Hardware, collects points to win a reward for next shopping so, you are strongly recommended to do shopping at ACE Hardware and get a chance to win different discounts, promotional offers, coupons and reward cards.

What should be in hand in order to Join Rewards Program?

If you want to participate in ACE Reward program then you must have a computer or laptop connected with internet connection. You must have visited ACE store recently and ask for ACE Reward card.

 What is the procedure in order to Join Rewards Program?

  • Visit this link
  • In next step you are required to click on button which is labeled as “Join ACE Rewards Now” to start the process of Reward program.
  • You are supposed to provide your E-mail address and generate a strong new password for your website Rewards account.
  • Once you have complete the process of registration now your card is active to use. In your next visit of shopping at ACE Hardware make sure you ask to swipe your ACE Rewards card to add your free 1000 points to your ACE Rewards account.
  • Furthermore, you will get 10 points on your shopping at ACE Hardware. Every dollar you will spend at ACE will add 10 points to your reward card.
  • At the moment you will reach up to 2500 points on your ACE Reward card resultantly, you will be awarded with $5 for your next shopping.